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Thursday, June 28, 2012


TSG Warehouse would like to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone who showed up to help Bremond celebrate Polish Day 2012.  There are so many individuals who contribute to this festival to make sure it continues to be the single biggest revenue generating event for our community year after year.  This 25th Anniversary of Polski Dzien was bigger and better than ever!  And I think 2013 will blow the socks off of this year.  Change is in the air!  Many people are beginning to sense this, especially out of town folks.  I overheard so many conversations about how excited they were that Polish Day really felt “POLISH” this year.  People are longing for that connection to roots.  And I think the more diluted people’s bloodlines get, the more they reach for a deeper sense of self.  With the success of the likes of, which now has its own show, this trend of wanting to know more about our own personal history is here to stay. 

2012 Polish Day was such a terrific success!  This year’s festival had dozens more vendors than last year, KCEN paid us a visit and asked our locals for interviews, and TSG Warehouse was packed liked sardines most of the afternoon.  Why was this year so much bigger and better than last?  Because of all the promoting, advertising and PR being done over the last year in an effort to “brand” Bremond once again as the “little Polish capital of Texas”; because Bremond businesses have been painting their buildings and working hard to clean up; because the festival itself became more “Polish” with more Polish food, more Polish music, more Polish goods; and because more people including younger folks showed up to help with the festival. 

I had several conversations with various people who felt that energy in such a strong way, that now they are considering moving back and even starting businesses here (at least a half dozen).  One gentleman with absolutely no history in Bremond came up to me with so much excitement he couldn’t contain himself.  He said that all this Polish music and dancing was the most fun he had since he can remember.  He said he is ready to pick up his family and move here!  And he was not joking around…he was dead serious.   Something magical happened this Polish Day 2012 in Bremond.  Many people told me this verbatim…mostly out of towners with roots here and deep pride.  It’s this kind of energy that causes positive shifts in a community.  You cannot see it.  You cannot touch it.  But you can feel it.  Polish or not, this renewed excitement will benefit every single individual in Bremond.  It will inevitably increase revenue into our community and thus begin to improve quality of life for our town.  We should all continue to be vested in this endeavor to make Bremond a better and better place, and make next year’s Polish Day 2013 even better than this year.


Denise & Jason Gouge
Owners of Texas Slav & German Warehouse, Founders of Vision 2020 Bremond TX

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