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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Brave Combo live at WestFest 2011 TX- Polka for future Generations

I had first heard of Brave Combo 10 years ago thanks to a great friend of mine who was a huge fan. She hounded me time and time again that I had to go check them out.  I was a wannabe full-time musician chasing my own rockstar dream so I never bothered to make the time.  As a result, sad to say, I have never seen Brave Combo and only recently heard their music. They are truly a party polka band for the next generation.  I didn't understand this until I finally sampled their music on itunes.  Now my only regret is that I hadn't listened to my trusted friend years ago.  They came through Houston fairly frequently so I had no excuse.  Hindsight is always 20/20.  The upside is that they are one of those rare bands who can stick it out together over the long haul, and after at least 10 years they are still together.  So many bands are simply a flash in the pan.  Brave Combo is not that kind of band.  They have obviously weathered the storms that every band goes through.  Being a musician myself, I know these types of trials and tribulations firsthand. 

Polka band you say?  Yes, polka band.  But not exactly like those polka weddings you went to as a kid.  No sir.  Brave Combo stamps their polkas with their own style to appeal to a younger generation.  They also cross several ethnic groups offering an interesting blend of Czech, Latin and Cajun flare.  Listening to their CD simply makes me smile.  All I could think of when I finally heard their music was that they must be a trip to see and hear live.  "Party band" is so cliche'.   But Brave Combo nails it.  They are a polka party band for the next generation.  It will take more bands like Brave Combo to carry on the traditions and heritage that is dwindling as generations come and go.  And now, finally, for the first time in 10 years, I will get the opportunity to see them live at the famous WestFest 2011 in the town of West, TX.   Hope to see you there.  I'll be the one drinking pivo and having a blast of a good time...oh wait, that will describe everyone there.  :)

Denise Gouge (still a wannabe rockstar), supporter of Texas heritage and owner of
Texas Slav & German Warehouse

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