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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is "Slavic" or to be a "Slav" anyway?

The Slavic (Slav) people are a race that descends from Indo-European roots that once shared a common language as well as area of descent. Today, the majority of Slavic people or Slavs live in Central and Eastern Europe. Slavic populations are particularly concentrated in Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, the Republic of Macedonia, and Montenegro.

Today their language roots and geographical locations are divided into West, East and South Slavic, further dividing the Slavic people. Those from a particular group tend to speak the language accorded to that area. Of course, with modern immigration, there are many of Slavic descent living throughout the world, so it becomes more difficult to specifically define a “Slavic” people, according to language.

The Slavic people are thought to possibly have inhabited parts of Germany at one point, before migrating eastward, southward and northward in the sixth century. The first Slavic state was recognized in the seventh century and was ruled by Samo, who was not in fact, of Slavic origin. However, he supported the Slavic people in fighting oppression by the Avar rulers. This state was located in Moravia, a region now within the borders of the Czech Republic.

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